About Us

iComm360 provides integrated information technology (IT) solutions with a total 360°perspective of your business. Following a thoughtful and detailed approach, we work closely with you to deliver strategic IT solutions and services that optimize your IT investments. We communicate within a culture of simplicity and transparency to demystify the IT process.

Our business model is based on a close partnership to ensure alignment of your business requirements and the solutions and services we deliver. Our iComm360 team works with all areas of organization while utilizing the best practices on project implementation, system management and IT operations. We’re committed to keeping you informed about what’s current and what’s next, building a long-term relationship to help you achieve critical goals for your business.

With over 50 years of experience working with small, mid-size and large organizations spanning all areas of IT, our unique experience allows us to know what’s expected and what to deliver from all sides of the equation. At iComm360, we allow you to stay focused on your business while we deliver end-to-end solutions that keep you running strong.

Our Core Strengths Include:

  • Highly professional, motivated and qualified team that goes beyond managing your IT needs;
  • 360° view and perspective on the IT end-to-end solution and service;
  • Providing Timely, Reliable, Predictable and Quality Services and Solutions;
  • Reducing IT Risks and Maximizing Value of IT Investments;
  • Executive Guidance on IT Strategies, Projects, Issues and Opportunities;
  • Business Process, Data, Technology Optimization and Compliance.