Jerome Beaudoin | Co-Founder

“As a result of my years in various roles within the technology environment, I have concluded that many companies understand they need IT but are extremely fearful of what lies beneath that word and more importantly not wanting to change because of the unknown and the vast perception of the IT ecosystem. All businesses can gain significant value from IT only if they are willing to make a change regardless the size of the change.”

As Co-Founder and Principle of iComm360, Jerome Beaudoin brings over 25 years of diverse information technology experience with corporations in a variety of roles, including CIO and other senior management positions within the Energy Sector and Energy Services. His senior leadership experience and his ability to deliver IT solutions to meet business needs have contributed to his success in the industry. Jerome has published and has been a key speaker at various industry events. Most recently, Jerome acted as a CIO for an energy services company in which he was awarded the “Customer Excellence Award for Technology Innovation: Enterprise”. At iComm360, Jerome and his business partner are active in the development and delivery of solutions and systems that combine the best practices with current technologies to deliver high impact IT solutions.