Cloud Backup Services

iComm360 offers hosted backup services where we remove the daily grind of backing up your important data. No more transferring tapes or remembering to take your removable hard drive home once a week. iComm360 uses a secure 192bit encrypted data transfer to move your important data to our highly available, F5 tornado proof shelter (The Bunker). Your information is safe with us as we store it on highly secure and redundant storage that we manage. Your data is not offloaded to some unknown 3rd party provider that we “rent” storage space from.


Cloud Backup Services

Client Platforms Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MAC OS X
  • Solaris FreeBSD

Application Backup capabilities

  • Exchange Server
  •     Mailbox
  •     Databases
  • SQL Server
  • SharePoint
  •  MySQL
  • Oracle


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