Hosted Solutions

Let iComm360 worry about your infrastructure by hosting a variety of services, enabling you to devote your resources to growing your business. iComm360 hosted solutions eliminates the need for in-house hardware and maintenance, increases accessibility to essential data and unmatched reliability within a highly secure data center – FEMA Zone 4 weather event and FEMA Zone 2 Seismic event.

iComm360 provides a variety of Hosted Solutions which include:

1. Web Hosting – are you wondering if your website is up and running. Let iComm360 host your web site in a highly available server infrastructure
2. Application Hosting – host your business application or applications while you are focused on driving your business forward
3. FTP Hosting – share files with employees, customers, or partners through the use of an easy file transferring system that is secure and encrypted
4. Storage Hosting – are you running out of room with your data. Let iComm360 provide you storage and not worry about having to determine how much more you need.



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