Support on Standby (SOS)

Support on Standby (SOS) – prepaid on-premise and / or remote support. Purchase support hours that provides as escalated priority. This is a great option for those companies who wants to make sure that they have support when they need it.

It does just what it says, you can pay us now for support in the future, then each time you contact us we deduct the time from your bank. When you get close to running out we will let you know and offer you the option to ‘bank’ more time or change to support contract. Support on Standby

    The Key Advantages of SOS
  • Priority scheduling – available 24x7x365
  • The time is valid for both remote and onsite support.
  • The time is valid for either Desktop or Server support.
  • It allows you to budget for and plan future projects.
  • Complete projects and tie up loose ends without going over budget.
  • Know that you can call support without having to justify the cost. The time is already there.

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